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The Benefits of Invisalign

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign doesn’t use unattractive brackets and wires to straighten teeth. Instead, it uses a series of clear aligners custom-made for your smile. Over the course of your cosmetic and orthodontic treatment, you’ll move from one aligner to the next, with each one gently and efficiently repositioning your teeth until, after a series of months, your treatment is complete.

Because your treatment involves moving from one custom-made aligner to another, your aligners are removable. That means you can also take them out for other reasons, like enjoying a meal with friends or family, as well as for daily brushing and flossing. As a result, Invisalign patients can enjoy substantial benefits over what’s patients with traditional braces can look forward to.

First, patients using Invisalign can enjoy the same diet as they always have. That’s not the case with traditional braces, though. With traditional braces, certain foods can cause damage or can become caught around brackets or wires. This isn’t an issue for Invisalign patients, because the aligners are always taken out for meals.

Second, teeth can be cleaned more thoroughly. Brackets and wires can make it difficult to reach certain areas and get teeth as clean as they need to be, but with Invisalign, nothing’s standing in your way. Traditional braces, by comparison, can increase your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Do You Have Questions About Invisalign?

If you have questions about Invisalign, Dr. Ann Bonness and Dr. Richard Bonness would be happy to answer them during a consultation appointment at their Camby dental office. We can also talk to you about our financing options. With our financing options, we’re able to make care with Invisalign affordable for more of our Camby-area patients.

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