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Checkups & Hygiene, a Family & General Dentistry Foundation

The equation is simply, a healthy mouth promotes a healthy life. Recent research confirms that bacteria from the mouth can travel through the blood stream and increase your risk for serious problems such as heart attack, stroke, memory loss, and complications during pregnancy.

Simply visiting us every six months for professional hygiene and a thorough check up gives us the ability to keep your teeth and gums free of dental disease, and treat any areas of concern such as gum disease or TMJ disorder. We love working with families, especially kids! Our children’s dentistry program shows kids that dental care can be fun and helps them – and their parents – learn the proper way to care for their teeth.

Stop the Grind

Are you stressed? Lots of us unknowingly grind our teeth or clench our jaw during sleep as a reaction to stress and anxiety. Uneven tooth wear, a sore jaw, and morning headaches are signs of this condition, called bruxism. Drs. Ann and Richard Bonness treat bruxism with customized oral appliance therapy that provides soothing relief and promotes good oral and overall health.

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Experience personalized dental care for a lifetime of healthy smiles. At Bonness Family Dentistry, our focus is always on you. Call our Camby, IN dental office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ann Bonness or Dr. Richard Bonness and discover quality care for your family dentistry needs. Our dental practice in Camby serves patients in Mooresville, Plainfield, Indianapolis, Monrovia, Martinsville, and the surrounding areas.

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